RE: Java has gone public sources - once again.

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I, for one, would like a current JRE for my Alphas that run Linux. 

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Sun is now trying to release their JAVA sources under a GPL license. The
full release wont happen till beginning of 2007.

Is there any interest in a java for an Alpha machine?

This time, under these circumstances, Sun wont be able to pull the rug from
under the porting project. Nor will they be able to stop the distribution of
binaries for a particular architecture. But since they havent said exactly
whats not included, I cant tell how complete the port will be.
Nor will I be able to say how fast 'hotspot' will be. Netbeans, an IDE, is
getting so that a ( i386 with ) 1ghz, with 1gig of memory appears to be at
the low end of usefullness. Dec/Compaq/HP really does not seem to want to
continue the alpha line.

Just askin right now.

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