Re: Install of AC2 on UP1000 & CS20

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Stig Telfer wrote:

Finally I had some time to tinker with AlphaCore on a couple of old boards. I picked up an API CS20 (Tsunami/Shark), and a UP1000 (Nautilus). I put AlphaCore 2.0 on them both.

The UP1000 was straightforward. It had a clean install and everything appeared to go to plan. As an encore it even dual boots with OpenBSD.

The CS20 I tried to upgrade from a much-hacked RH7-era install, and that didn't go well at all. The upgrade process produced an unbootable system. Around the initrd/rootfs stage the 2.6 kernel would panic. I managed to recover the system by finding one of my old 2.4 kernels and getting the board up into single user mode.

Since the system was now in a very dodgy state I chose a clean reinstall, but not quite clean because I asked it not to reformat the /home, /var and /opt partitions. The only apparent problem this caused during the install was that /var holds the RPM database, and some of the RPMs of the original system claimed to be still installed at the end of the process. Many of the AC2 packages also claimed to be installed but no files were present on the disk. I patched that up and now the system is running well.

The only other package problem I had was that cyrus-imapd was linked with an older revision of db library. For some reason RPM didn't notice this. I rebuilt a cyrus-imapd package from source and now everything is good.

There is still a hell of a lot of Alpha specific knowledge needed to get these systems set up, but when was the Alpha ever the easy option?

I want to thank everyone who put so much effort into packaging and testing this distro - great work! What kind of help is needed for AC3?

I guess testing. :) The 99% of packages are built and available at
You could setup yum to get files from this repository.

The Xorg still doesn't correctly work on my Radeon. I did take a look at issue - it is not AGP issues (as was suggested in one of the e-mails). My card is PCI. As far as I could tell Xorg could not find a window on PCI address range to map BIOS on video card. My guess could be wrong. I could send my xorg.log, so someone with knowledge could tell what the problem. :) Unfortunatelly, I don't have AC2 anymore and couldn't compare with xorg.log from older version (which worked just fine).

Everything else seems to be working. Even there is a mono (C#) package available. :) I decided not to spend time on eclipse package (since noone was interested).


PS. I see FC6 has 64bit version of OO. :) I guess we are the next.

Sergey Tikhonov

Solvo Ltd.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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