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On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 08:14:30AM -0700, Tom Linden wrote:
> Can someone tell me when the first port of Linux to Digital HW ocurred?

As far as I know the first Alpha port was done in May 1994 by
Jim Paradis from DEC labs in Massachusetts.  This was a 32-bit port
but pretty quickly this was replaced by a 64-bit version which
become "the one".

> And I assuming that would have been Alpha.

You wonder about MIPS?  I do not know what was a timeline on that.

> I recall seeing a port at  Decus (1994?)

That was likely a BLADE release (64-bit) which happened later in 1994.

> In fact, I even got a replica NH license plate from John
> 'Mad Dog' Hansen.

Well, probably Jon 'maddog' Hall (who, among other things got
DEC to send a machine to Linus) but other than that ... :-)


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