Re: Next release of AlphaCore? JUST DO IT

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On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 07:11:18PM +0300, Sergey Tikhonov wrote:
> The updated kernel packages are available at:

It should be noted that the 2.6.15-1.1831_FC4axp RPMS appear to require
updating the following packages, to satisfy package dependencies:

1. update module-init-tools to 3.2.0-0.pre9.0.FC4.4
2. update udev to 071-0.FC4.3

I encountered no problems building from SRPMs found on the Fedora
updates site, as there were apparently no Alpha-related patches
needed for either the build or subsequent deployment and use.

Finally, I'm a happy SMP camper!!! :-) :-)

> Please, report your results. :)

Yes, please!


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