Re: Next release of AlphaCore? JUST DO IT

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On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 02:29:08AM -0700, Alan Young wrote:
> Actually, they're Sergey's adjustments plus some tweaking... :-)
> Since the 2.6.15 spec file doesn't have alpha bits in it, I started
> the build as i686 smp.  I did that to get rpm to extract the source
> and apply all it's patches.  Then I pulled linux-2.6.12-alpha-diskdump.patch
> and the linux-2.6.5-alpha-dummypie.patch from the Alpha Core 2.6.12-1.1447
> kernel and applied them to the 2.6.15 source in the BUILD directory.
> In the updated source in the BUILD directory, I deleted the link in the include
> directory that pointed the asm symlink to asm-i386.  I did a "make clean" to
> clean up any other x86 bits.  Then a "make menuconfig" to setup the 
> kernel's config.  In the config, I set the alpha platform to DP264, turned on
> EV67 support, turned on SMP and set the number of CPUs to 2.  Then saved
> the config and did a "make -j3 boot modules" to compile.
> That's from memory and I'm not near the box at the moment.  So if that
> fails, let me know and I'll check more when I'm back.

Thanks, Alan, that's about where I thought I might need to go to solve
this. One (me) gets too complacent when one is forced to work with the
"mainstream" processors these days... :-\

I plunked a few more of Sergey's patches in there as well, and it
looks like the both builds have been (mostly) successful - got a
couple of errors when building modules that I'll have to look at

Now for testing... :-)

Cross fingers...


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