Alpha Core 2 is available

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Hello everybody,

I guess there is no need to wait any longer. :)
Yes, Alpha Core 2 (Tosia) is available!

It is based on the Fedora Core 4 source tree.
Main features of this release:
- gcc 4.0 with working java
- all packages are build with gcc 4.0
- most java packages
- Eclipse IDE
- Fixed autopartitioning and update mode during setup
- framebuffer driver for TGA video adapters works

Known issues:
- SMP kernel doesn't work (someone could try older AC1 kernel)
- java interpreter (gij) could generate UAE (unalligned access exceptions) during run of java code - gcc could generate code that will produce UAEs. This is due bad coding practices. :)
- AS800 still requires disconnect of network cable in order to boot

The AC2 is expected to boot on most modern Alphas. :)

I would like to say thanks to all who waited for this release.
Special thanks to:
- Cristan Balint for support, help, testing and ftp hosting.
- Jay Estabrook for support, help, testing, patches
- Jon Norstog for donating PWS
- RedHat for keep going and accepting patches for alpha

The iso images are available at:

I would suggest to wait a little bit until images will be available from other (faster) sources.


Sergey Tikhonov
Solvo Ltd.

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