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>Gary Richardson wrote:

>> An observation on the .got error:
>> if lines 22-24 are deleted from the
>> asm-alpha/modules.h file the .got errors
>> disappear.
>> I tried this as the .got lines are removed from
>> the header files from all other systems.
>Sergey wrote:

>Actually, if section attribute "s" is removed (it seems it >has no meaning for ELF targets) - the ".got" error gets >away too.

Thanks for this. After further consideration, removing the
lines from module.h does not help many modules fail to load.

>Could you tell what versions of compiler and binutils do >you use to build the kernel? (I would ask other people >who runs SMP kernel higher 2.6.12 - tell their build >configuration too).

Sorry to mislead. Unfortunately I have not yet got 2.6.12
either vanilla or core, single or smp to build and run on my
5305 Digital Server 5000. Also unfortunate is that it is
nearly impossible to tell exactly what is failing as
the machine reboots rather than just halting making it
difficult to read the error screens.

Gary Richardson

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