Re: Next release of AlphaCore?/What do we really need?

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Mike Barnes wrote:

On 13/02/2006, at 6:44 PM, Jon_norstog AKA Thursday wrote:

This is not a simple request, as I learned when I tried building it  for
Alpha.  There are dependencies on dependencies, plus you have to  have a
current Java development kit.  Which Sun has not releASEed the source
code for and has not ported to Alpha since something like JDK 1.3.  (I
hear there is a work-around but it could be gossip)

I seem to recall that the newer builds of OpenOffice are quite happy using GCJ for their Java requirements, instead of Sun's JDK. This shouldn't be an issue. The big stumbling block in the past was the huge amount of non 64-bit clean code, which is why 64-bit x86 and PPC platforms still run a version compiled for their 32-bit counterparts - or they did, last time I checked.

I haven't looked at OO for over a year now, but I remember discussing it with someone once and getting the idea that getting it running using dynamic x86 emulation might be quicker. :)

I tried to play with it recently. OO happily uses GCJ java, but still not 64-bit clean yet. There is still huge 64-bit patch pending from amd64 porting project. They were going to split it into smaller parts and try to integrate... After it is done - we still would need to write some kind of
trampoline code.


Sergey Tikhonov
Solvo Ltd.

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