Re: Next release of AlphaCore?/What do we really need?

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To the list:

I thought I would just take the opportunity to suggest that, as Alpha
users, we can get along with any reasonably up-to-date kernel and
distro. But what would really make our Alpha machines useful is this:

a port of OpenOffice 2.x.

This is not a simple request, as I learned when I tried building it for
Alpha.  There are dependencies on dependencies, plus you have to have a
current Java development kit.  Which Sun has not releASEed the source
code for and has not ported to Alpha since something like JDK 1.3.  (I
hear there is a work-around but it could be gossip)

Anyway, with OO available for ALpha, you could throw away your PC.  As
for general Alpha function, I'd be glad to contribute a build of QCad,
plus I'm working on Grass GIS.


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