Re: Next release of AlphaCore? JUST DO IT

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Michael Kronsteiner wrote:

I would like to know too, because alphacore was more for
gamers/techies/multimediafreaks. CentOS just missed some libraries, but
thats what you have to expect from an OS for business (its more or less
.. and i just bought a voodoo card for my sx164...

So to say, im somewhat experienced with kernel compiling and configuring
(which seemed to be an issue for ac2.0), but im very very limited in
hardware (2x sx164, 1xas1000, 1xas2000, various flavours of dec 3000´s ...
[no bragging if you want one mail me])

My personal thought is the alphacore developers are now working with
centos... dont cry, as some famous sports-shoes maker said


Would it not be worh while setting up a yum-repository that has the extra bits/features instead of trying to support a whole other distirbution. There are so few alpha geeks left around reinventing the wheel seems to be a shamefull waste of resources.

But that is only my opinion.

This all being said. I do have an Alpha that I could make available to host a repository and mirror or two. It has 30G of diskspace and I have a couple of 100Mbit internet feeds so that a little extra load would not be too big an issue. I unfortunatly don't have the time to do much with it just now but if someone wants to step up to the plate I can give them an SSH account and the keys to run the thing.

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