Re: ISA SCSI controller on Alpha

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On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 17:09:25 +0100, Jay Estabrook wrote:
>> Adaptec AHA 3940. Dual channel gives you an extra 15 devices, some of
>> which can be external if you wish. It might be better supported than an
>> ISA card.
> I'd suggest something a bit more modest with a lot more chance of working
> with SRM, say, the KZPCM (dual NCR 875 plus a TULIP NIC).
> I'd recommend staying away from any ISA card, let alone ISA SCSI
> controllers, though some soundcards may work OK.

Thanks to everyone for the responses. The KZPCM seems to be the most
interesting solution, but it costs about USD 300 anew (which is more than
the whole system is worth - and it's definitely not worth for just the
ZIP drive), and it seems to be impossible to get one used on eBay (at
least here in Europe). While it is possible to get a 3940, it has two
identical channels, which means to also buy a bunch of adapters for the
8-bit-bus and those cost more than the SCSI adapter and the ZIP drive
together. I think I just put the ZIP drive into my "spare parts reposi-


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