RE: DEC veterans prepare chip challenge for Intel, AMD, IBM and S un

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"Hoover, Tony" <hoover@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I wonder if this will change Apple's decision to abandon
> the Power on future generations of Mac? 

Why would it?

#1  It is clearly "Power" and _not_ "PowerPC."  There is far
more difference in the silicon beside just Altivec.  MacOS/X
runs on PowerPC, _not_ Power.

#2  It is clearly geared towarded embedded and low-power, not
performance desktops.  AMD and Intel are still pushing out
processors that eat 25-50W.  These suckers are 5-13W, clearly
more towards high-power embedded, but far too low for

Lastly, I don't really think the Register is a reliable
source for many things.  I.e., they refer to this company as
an "IT company" when they are a semiconductor start-up (even
if fabless).

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