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Just returned from a wedding over the weekend. Here is a
little more of the status so far:

>What kernels can that box run? AC-1.0? CentOS-4.2? RH-7.2?
>>   --Jay++
>> Has been running modified RH 7.2 for a long time.
>> Most recently 2.4.23 kernel. Did compile 2.6 there
>> were too many changes so I gave up on that.
>> Thought it was time to switch so I installed Core-1
>> It is doing fairly well however there is a scsi error
>> showing occasionally and there is no X.
>OK, so you've been running AC-1.0 kernel >(2.6.11-1.1180axp_FC3).
>Do you have a log with the SCSI errors shown?

errors from dmesg:

Installing knfsd (copyright (C) 1996 okir@xxxxxxxxxxxx).
sym2: SCSI parity error detected: SCR1=132 DBC=50000000 SBCL=0
sym0: SCSI parity error detected: SCR1=3 DBC=50000000 SBCL=0
sym0:0:0:M_REJECT received (0:8).
st3: Block limits 1 - 16777215 bytes.
scsi0:A:5: unknown scsi bus phase a0, lastphase = 0xb4. Attempting to continue

This error occurs after the console login appears so I
think it is related to the knfsd start however I have not
taken the time to follow up on this yet.

>And have you tried X using a different VGA, ie not the >builtin Trio64?
>Unfortunately, that one (Trio64) is problematic on Alpha.

Since I use this primarily as a file server, samba domain
server, internal web server for testing, etc X is to too
important so I really did not try much but I did attempt
to install a couple of other video cards. None managed
to survive the boot test. At least with the Diamond card
I have a console. Just thought it would be interesting to see if it would run but I have not invested a lot of time

Gary Richardson

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