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On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 10:57:13PM +0400, Sergey Tikhonov wrote:
> Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> >
> Unfortunatelly, it is the problem of linuxthreads on alpha (you could 
> use NPTL instead).

But i do. It does include the linuxthreds in there too. I did have to
reduce the -O3 to -O2 on my glibc sources to make the NPTL work
correctly (like locale -a and MAKEDEV not segfaulting), but other than
that it's all the way NTPL.

> The linuxthreads is not supported anymore and some glibc maintainers
> refuse to give even an idea what might be wrong. About an year ago I 
> filled a bug
> report with some traceback information, but it was closed recently as 

I was just mentioning that all of it is not 'working perfectly'.

Another things is (as i don't know what is really working and what is
not) that i did disable the DRI for all radeon. I don't want to get
reports of installations where the X just freezes after firtstboot
finnishes it's job. We can make updates afterwards, but the ISO-images
are there to stay :)

I know for sure that my Radeon 9250/PCI w/ 128MB does hang after
installation with DRI, but that is only adapter i've tested it with
(and even that only on my ES45).

Pasi Pirhonen - upi@xxxxxx -

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