Re: Electrical power for a 164LX ?

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Mathieu Millet wrote:

Hi everyone,

My electrical power unit for my Alpha has just died (well 24/7 during 7
years was good enough).

I would like to replace it and since it is always turned on, I want to
pruchase a not too big power unit.

My 164LX is equipped with 384 MB of RAM, two Ethernet network card, a
UltraWide2 SCSI Card on PCI 64bits and 2 SCSI hard-drive (at 7200RPM).

Is a 200Watts power unit enough (that's what I had but sometimes I think
I had drive failure caused by electrical "congestion") ? Should I go
for a 250Watts unit ? even more ?

I  suggest AT LEAST 300W.


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