Re: AC 1.0 on AS4100

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On Mon, May 16, 2005 at 04:30:33PM +0400, Sergey Tikhonov wrote:
> On my machine it doesn't say "Machine needs sparse mapping" and doesn't 
> try to do mapVidMemSparse/unmapVidMemSparse calls. May be this is the 
> place...

Doubtful; there was a report of 4100 running a Permedia-2 card, and
all 4100s need SPARSE mapping.

It's much more likely to be something to do with the Trio64 driver;
that's always been a bit flakey on Alphas...

> I hope someone with deep knowledge of Xserver on alpha could have some 
> ideas or it is easier/cheaper to
> get another card. :)

Getting a new card is my recommendation, also.


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