Re: AlphaCore 1.0 final release !

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On Sun, 8 May 2005, Balint Cristian wrote:

> Salut !
> 	Proud to announce that me and Sergey, after a long hobby'sh 
> 	development, finaly released Alpha Core 1.0 aka "Svetlana" !
>    Svetlana is based on Fedora Core 3 release, it is a pure 
> recompilation over alpha of fedora project with additional pain to fix 
> platform specific things to make it work. It olso already include latest 
> fedora 3 updates.


I'm running into problems trying to install Alpha Core 1.0.  The box is a 
UP2000+ with an Adaptec 39160 controller.  There are (2) drives attached, 
one on each channel.  The dka device is partitioned and formatted for 
Tru64 Unix.  Dkb has (3) other Linux distributions installed and has been 
partitioned with a BSD disklabel scheme.

I'm trying to install onto an unused partition on dkb.  The installer 
trips over dka, telling me that the partition table is unreadable and 
asking if I want to reinitialize it.  I answer "no".  It then tells me 
that dkb is unreadable as well! When I tell it not to initialize that 
disk, it terminates with an error (thinking that no disks are available).

The question is: why can't the installer read the partition information on 
either drive?  Granted, it won't know about AdvFS on dka, but it still 
should have read the disklabel.  And, since the Linux distros on dkb are 
functional there's no reason it should have problems of any sort.

Any advice as to how I proceed with installation and avoid repartitioning 
the second disk?


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