Re: [lorax 2/2] Check if selinux is not in Enforcing mode (##824835)

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On Fri, 2012-06-01 at 02:36 -0400, Martin Gracik wrote:
> > Also, could you make a note (in a comment in the code) about *why* we
> > need to turn off SELinux (i.e. what goes wrong when it's left on), so
> > we
> > can work on fixing that later?
> I don't think we can fix it. Selinux just does not behave very good in chroots.
> And I put in the comment "Selinux causes problems for rpm scriptlets in the installroot.".
> Not enough? :)

It'd be good to have a note that explained what exactly goes wrong if
SELinux is in enforcing, so:

a) we can recognize the problem if/when it happens again, and
b) we can try to actually fix it (or at least work around it better) in
the future.

Right now when I try to talk to the SELinux guys about it, they ask:
well, what goes wrong when you try it? And I.. don't remember.


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