livemedia-creator displays ncurses screen and dialogs

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I have been using the following command:

 livemedia-creator \
   --make-disk --no-virt --image-only --keep-image \

to create a disk install image. The output has always been in the form of text messages (log) displayed to the terminal window. Today I updated lorax and anaconda to the latest F17 versions (anaconda-17.24-1.fc17, lorax-17.17-1.fc17). Previously I was running anaconda-17.21-1.fc17 and lorax-17.15-1.fc17.

Now when I run the same command I see a blue screen with:

Welcome to anaconda for armv7l

       +------------------------- Post Installation ----------------------+
| |
        |         Performing post-installation configuration           |
| | + ---------------------------------------------------------------------+

<Tab>/<Alt-Tab> between elements | <Space> selects | <F12> next screen

Is this a bug, or do I need to change the way I'm running this to ensure only console-type logs are displayed?

Note: The process does complete and the disk image appears to be correct. Only the terminal display seems to be affected.

Thank you,


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