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On Apr 19, 2012, at 2:26 PM, Kamil Paral wrote:
> It might not be obvious from the screenshot (it's just 1024x768), but the button is attached to the right corner. So if you enlarge the screen size, it will stay directly next to the status area, further from the clock. I also proposed changing the title [1] to "Install Fedora", which is shorter, again taking less place. I have updated the screenshot on the project page.

"Install to Hard Drive" requires an assumption about what will be installed, and there is an immediacy of the installation. Right now? Only to the hard drive? Which hard drive? Do I get options? What about my current data?

While I prefer "Install Fedora" over existing, the implied immediacy of the action remains, and should concern any wary user.

Option 1 (preferred):
"Launch Fedora Installer" is more correct.

"Run Fedora Installer" may be acceptable, it's shorter, and widely accepted vernacular. I'm not sure how this plays out in some foreign languages however.

Option 2:

To imply additional options will be presented to the user, rather than immediate action, a common UI element is the ellipsis, e.g.

"Install Fedora . . . "

Chris Murphy

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