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> On Thu, 2012-04-19 at 11:06 -0400, Kamil Paral wrote:
> > The extension is very simple, 60 lines. I am willing to maintain it
> > for future Gnome releases, if some API is changed and adjustments
> > are needed. Also there were some plans mentioned on the devel list
> > that could make this extension not needed in one or two Fedora
> > releases, so maybe it's just temporary. But I'd be very glad if we
> > could make it part of Fedora 17, it's really needed.
> Just a quick designer peanut-gallery question -
> Is there a way to place it next to activities rather than next to the
> clock? Being more towards the left gives it a bit more prominence,
> and
> as it's an 'activity' being closer to the activities menu trigger
> seems
> a more logical grouping than between the clock and status area.
> ~m

It might not be obvious from the screenshot (it's just 1024x768), but the button is attached to the right corner. So if you enlarge the screen size, it will stay directly next to the status area, further from the clock. I also proposed changing the title [1] to "Install Fedora", which is shorter, again taking less place. I have updated the screenshot on the project page.

I chose right corner because I consider it visible enough and the left corner is used for application menu of the currently running application. It is not obvious to me where I should place it exactly so that it is not confusing. Could you please use this image:

to indicate where you would like to see it on the left side?



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