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On 07/05/2012 11:35 PM, Gregor Galwas wrote:
> Hi,
> your HDMI sound will only work, if your kernel/drm will suppoprt your
> video-hardware.
> In my case I am using a AMD Radeon 6850 card + (oss) radeon driver.
> You can check if you have hdmi sound support by checking what your kernel
> log output says
> dmesg | grep audio
> [drm] Enabling audio support
> As far as I know, you will need kernel 3.5-rc3 (or newer) to get working
> HDMI sound (in case of most AMD 6xxx cards).
> Gregor
I too have not been able to get HDMI sound out of my video card in Linux
(PCLOS) altho it works in XP. I had a lot of intended help from the PCLOS
forum, but nothing worked. I was interested in your posting of the dmesg
command.  I tried it and got this:

[doug@Linux1 ~]$ dmesg | grep audio
usbcore: registered new interface driver snd-usb-audio

That has nothing at all to do with the HDMI output on the GeForce (NVidia)
card, nor anything to do with the on-board sound that works fine locally.
It refers to a web-cam with a mic that I have connected to the usb port.
My kernel is 3.2.18, (32 bit) the latest available for this distro.

If you have any ideas, I might go back and mess with it a little more, but
I really just want the HDMI output to watch video on my TV set, and I can
do that in XP.  It's just a pain!

Oh--one other thing:  I absolutely refuse to get involved with Pulse Audio.
I have lost two very bad bouts with it, and I refuse to go another round!


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