Re: [Musicpd-dev-team] Schiit Bifrost, usb, C-Media 6631, ALSA/MPD

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On 12.06.2012 20:08, Demian Martin wrote:
> Daniel:
> To be concise-
> 1) I have tested with Alsa 1.0.24 and 1.0.25. 
> 2) These devices (CMedia, Tenor and Audio Widget) have always had the same
> issues. They did not change from the first version of UAC2 support.
> 3) XMOS based USB interfaces work fine.
> 4) Alex Lee came up with a workaround to get the Audio Widget to work on
> Linux, that is not compatible with Windows (Thesycon driver) or OSX.  He can
> explain far better than I can.

I'd like to hear about this workaround in detail.

> How can I help resolve these issues? Would hardware help?

Hardware would definitely help, yes. Thanks for the offer. I'd also send
it back to you once the issue is resolved.


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> Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 12:50 AM
> To: Demian Martin
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> Subject: Re: [Musicpd-dev-team] Schiit Bifrost, usb, C-Media 6631, ALSA/MPD
> On 11.06.2012 20:50, Demian Martin wrote:
>> Daniel:
>> I have similar problems with the CM6631, the Tenor 8802 and the Audio 
>> Widget.
>> In both examples of the CM6631 I have the same bad sounds happen with 
>> sample rate changes that go away with a pause-play cycle. The Tenor is 
>> more problematic and really only functions at 44.1. At other sample 
>> rates with several different Tenor firmware builds it just stutters 
>> badly. I'm told its rate feedback works in 10Hz steps.  For the Audio 
>> Widget Alex Lee came up with a workaround patch for the 44-48 to 88-96 
>> sample rate switch where the rate feedback seems to go awry.
> Which kernel version do you test this on? And are you saying this is a
> regression from older versions?
> Daniel
>> What error messages or logs would you like to see?
>> I have been trying to borrow a USB2 sniffer but with no luck. Even the 
>> rent is too steep for me. I would really like to get this resolved. I 
>> have access to pretty much all the current UAC2 chip options (don't 
>> have the Via but no one is really using it yet). I can even arrange 
>> remote access to a machine with them attached if that helps.
>>          Demian
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>> From: Daniel Mack [mailto:zonque@xxxxxxxxx]
>> Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 12:00 AM
>> To: Andrew Dunn
>> Cc: alsa-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; 
>> musicpd-dev-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>> Clemens Ladisch
>> Subject: Re: [Musicpd-dev-team] Schiit Bifrost, usb, C-Media 6631, 
>> On 08.06.2012 20:40, Andrew Dunn wrote:
>>> Apologies, I had returned that Bifrost and been using another device 
>>> based on the XMOS chip (Worked perfectly). I now have a new Bifrost 
>>> and I'm running Fedora 17 with ALSA 1.0.25
>> Thanks for the dump. Are there any suspicious entries written to 
>> /var/log/messages when you plug in the device and start streaming?
>> Daniel

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