Re: Multiple stereo outputs from single PCIe card?

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TimC wrote:
> On 4/5/2012 3:03 AM, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>> TimC wrote:
>>> I need to find a PCIe based card that offers the same 3 or 4x separate analog stereo outputs
>> The Xonar DX has analog 7.1 outputs.
> And they are independent output devices?

No, the hardware is one eight-channel device.
AFAIK there is no supported PCIe card with independent devices.

> Meaning, that I can assign MPD outputs to each pair separately?

You could create virtual software devices by putting something like this
into /etc/asound.conf:

pcm_slave.eightchannels {
	pcm "hw:0"
	channels 8
	rate 48000
	buffer_size 4096  # make these sizes smaller for lower latency
	period_size 2048

pcm.ch12 {
	type dmix
	ipc_key 47110815
	slave eightchannels
	bindings [ 0 1 ]

pcm.ch34 {
	type dmix
	ipc_key 47110815
	slave eightchannels
	bindings [ 2 3 ]
# ...


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