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Hello Lee,

Am Montag, 2. April 2012 schrieb Lee Matheson:
> openSUSE-11.4 is nominally tested with pulse audio enabled, and if I read
> that script output correctly you have disabled pulse audio and hence you
> are using openSUSE in a configuration where the testing is less.

Yes, as phonon did not work (and from previous experience, it was about to 
create a lot of trouble).
In case phonon is enabled, what tests could I run?
> I note you have alsa configured to use the rear mic. and not the front mic.
>  Am I correct that you are aware of that?

Yes, that was just when the script ran,  but it did not have any impact - 
still does not work when the front mic is enabled

> I also recommend you update your kernel to the most recent one nominally
> packaged by SuSE-GmBH for openSUSE-11.4 as it may have a fix for the mic
> for the hardware audio codec that is on your PC < not sure > .

Hm, enabling the Tumbleweed repos might be an option. I'll think about that .


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