Bluetooth: alsa says connection refused?

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I have a bluetooth headset that I have successfully used with a cell
phone and an Android tablet, and that I could use in Ubuntu on a
friend's machine.

I'd like to use it with mplayer on my laptop (under Slackware 13.37).

I have the BT address, and the test-audio script in bluez-4.98/test
works (at least, I hear two beeps in the headphone, and hcitool con

# hcitool con
< ACL 00:18:91:D0:7A:24 handle 42 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT

so I guess it is possible to connnect to the device. However, if I try
hcitool cc $HEADSET, the connection is closed immediately...)

I created an ~/.asoundrc with:

pcm.btheadset {
type plug
slave {
pcm {
type bluetooth
device "00:18:91:D0:7A:24"
profile "auto"
hint {
show on
description "BlueTooth Halterrego H.EAR 01 Headset"
ctl.btheadset {
type bluetooth

but when I try to use it with mplayer:

# mplayer -ao alsa:device=btheadset file.mp3

I get

bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)
[AO_ALSA] Playback open error: Connection refused
Failed to initialize audio driver 'alsa:device=btheadset'
Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.
Audio: no sound
Video: no video

Exiting... (End of file)

What did I miss? (I recompiled bluez with support for alsa and alsa
with support for bluetooth)


F. Delente

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