Re: crack noise with USB on linux 3.x

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Tatsuki Sugiura wrote:
> When I use 3.x, get crack noise on my USB audio randomly.
> I tested with 3.0rc, 3.1rc, 3.1.4 and 3.2.5. However all
> 3.x kernels has this problem. (2.6.x works well.)

I'm not aware of any relevant changes in the USB or sound subsystems
between 2.6.39 and 3.0.  It's possible that this might be some change
in general power management, or that some other driver is interfering.

Does anything change if you're using a hub, or not; or if you use
another USB port?

In /proc/interrupts, are there other driver on the same interrupt line
as the USB port you're using for the audio device?


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