Re: Kernel 3.x and smp_lock.h

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Le Thu, 12 Jan 2012 22:21:39 -0700,
Frank Mackenzie <frank.mackenzie@xxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Thanks again.
> I'm trying very hard to make this work. I've downloaded the
> alsa-driver source from git, but when I tried to compile it, it said
> I didn't have the ALSA kernel source, so I'm downloading that too.
> However, does this mean that I can't use my already-patched kernel 
> source? Do I have to start all over, using the ALSA project's source?

It is 2 ways to install the alsa-driver and they are mutually
exclusive: use the alsa-driver included with the kernel or use the
package named alsa-driver. That also mean than you can have only one
alsa-driver for a given kernel. Which one is used depend on the
distribution, or on how you install it.

On gentoo, you have the choice, but normally, most gentoo users are
installing the driver that come with the kernel. Most other
distributions use the alsa-driver package. The only difference between
those 2 ways is that an alsa-driver package that was made from an ALSA
site snapshot, can be a little bit never than the alsa driver from the
kernel and have a few new drivers for the last hardware on the

But again, you must have only one alsa driver for a given kernel.

> And, Dominique, are you the only one participating on this list?
> Other lists I have been part of always resulted in a lot of email in
> my inbox, but this one is pretty quiet!

No, It is a lot of other peoples here. But I guess that most alsa users
are not installing alsa from the sources. And they give a more
specific description of the problem, including hardware description,
kernel sources version, alsa-driver version if appropriated, and the
exact description of the error (copy and paste).


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