Re: Kernel 3.x and smp_lock.h

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Thanks again.

I'm trying very hard to make this work. I've downloaded the alsa-driver 
source from git, but when I tried to compile it, it said I didn't have 
the ALSA kernel source, so I'm downloading that too.

However, does this mean that I can't use my already-patched kernel 
source? Do I have to start all over, using the ALSA project's source?

And, Dominique, are you the only one participating on this list? Other 
lists I have been part of always resulted in a lot of email in my inbox, 
but this one is pretty quiet!



On 12-01-12 06:03 PM, Dominique Michel wrote:
> Le Thu, 12 Jan 2012 12:34:37 -0700,
> Frank Mackenzie<frank.mackenzie@xxxxxxx>  a écrit :
>> You see, the kernel source available at the ALSA website appears to
>> be useless. It says it's not for 3.x kernels, and there's all the
>> nonsense about smp_lock.h (see below).
> smp_lock.h was removed in kernel-2.6.39.
>> Yet, some people are compiling it and using it!
>> What do I have to do?
> You can try the last alsa code with git, or try a daily snapshot.
>> PS - why is there no longer a "development version" of the ALSA files
>> for download?

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