Re: Configure ALSA to handle a USB sound card

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Casi wrote:
> Casi wrote:
>> [14043.238260] cannot submit datapipe for urb 0, error -28: not enough bandwidth
>> 00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset USB2 Enhanced Host Controller (rev 05)
>> 1) Do I own a buggy USB controller?

No; the Linux EHCI driver has a bug regarding audio devices behind hubs,
and the built-in hub of your chipset triggers this.

This bug should be mostly fixed in the next (stable) kernel version.

> User to-do:
> * Check the midi ports 2-5. They are used for privative software (except port 3):
> Port 2. This port is used to control the DAW software on the computer from the MOX6/MOX8 by using the Remote Control feature.
> Port 3. This port is used as the MIDI Thru Port.
> Port 4. This port is used only for data communication of the MOX6/MOX8 Editor.
> Port 5. This port is used only for data communication of the MOX6/MOX8 Remote Editor.

It's possible to give the ports better names.
What should port 1 be called?  "Synth"?

> * Check what about usbhid and hid modules loaded. Are they related to the DAW remote function?

Check if some /dev/input/eventX file generates some bytes on key presses.

> Finally, would be nice to see the patch included in the future :)



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