Re: Troubles with Sound Devices Usbpre setup: very bad audio

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On 12/27/2011 10:06 PM, athos bacchiocchi wrote:
> On 27 December 2011 15:36, alexander <axeldenstore@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:axeldenstore@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     I'm guessing it's the usbpre1 ? I have the USBpre2 and it works very
>     well on linux, except not in usb2 mode, even tho it's class compliant
>     even in usb2 mode.
> yes, it's the usbpre 1. I found this old post:
> in which the OP stated he asked for specifications, but probably never
> received them. I don't think I'm able to write a driver, so i guess i
> came to a dead end.
> Or maybe i should take this as sign i should start studying :)
> I already know C programming (and some audio-related electronics), do
> you have references about driver development for linux and snd-usb?
> General, "academic" resources would be great. It will probabily take
> years, but at least i may learn something.

Just give it a try. With access to the hardware, it's probably not as
hard as it might appear in the first place. A good start is to install
their Windows driver and an USB packet sniffer to trace the
communication between the host and the device. Then compare this to what
the USB audio standard requires, and find the differences.

My guess is that it only takes a different initialization mechanism, but
I might me wrong. Once you have any more insight or any trace dump, post
them here.


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