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Charles Cazabon wrote:
> Clemens Ladisch <cladisch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > ALSA appears to recognize it as an input device as well, as it shows up on
> > > the [Audacity] input device selector with a number of different names,
> > 
> > What names?
> They all start with "MI4: USB Audio (hw:3,0):" with various suffixes:
>     Rear Mic:0
>     Front Mic:0
>     Line:0
>     Rear Mic:1
>     Front Mic:1
>     Line:1
>     Rear Mic:2
>     Front Mic:2
>     Line:2

I don't know what Audacity thinks it's doing here; the MI4 has one
input and one output device.

> I believe the line 1&2 inputs are shared with the mic inputs.

> > Google says that this device has several possible input routings.
> > Did you configure it for the correct input?
> I'm not sure what you mean exactly.  There's no switches or anything on the
> device to configure which inputs are used, and nothing shows in the ALSA mixer
> for this device.  Did you mean something else?

I meant hardware switches.  Which, it appears, do not exist.

> > However, if these settings must be done from the computer, they are
> > implemented with unknown vendor-specific commands.  In that case, you
> > would have to try to run the Windows control panel from within a virtual
> > machine (while unloading the USB audio driver).
> I haven't run windows in 7 or 8 years :P  I really hope I can get this working
> under Linux without assistance from Windows.

If it isn't possible to snoop on the Windows driver, the only way to
get information about those vendor-specific settings would be to ask
Steinberg.  Good luck with that.


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