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Thanks for the response.

Clemens Ladisch <cladisch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > It's a Steinberg MI4,
> > ALSA appears to recognize it as an input device as well, as it shows up on
> > the [Audacity] input device selector with a number of different names,
> What names?

They all start with "MI4: USB Audio (hw:3,0):" with various suffixes:

    Rear Mic:0
    Front Mic:0
    Rear Mic:1
    Front Mic:1
    Rear Mic:2
    Front Mic:2

FWIW, I'm trying to use the four line inputs.  The device itself only has two
mic preamps -- there's two balanced XLR/mic inputs (1&2), plus 4 line inputs
(1-4).  I believe the line 1&2 inputs are shared with the mic inputs.

> > but when I record from any of them, I get silence.
> Google says that this device has several possible input routings.
> Did you configure it for the correct input?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly.  There's no switches or anything on the
device to configure which inputs are used, and nothing shows in the ALSA mixer
for this device.  Did you mean something else?  Pardon me if I'm being thick.

> > `alsamixer` shows it as "MI4" but says "This sound device does not have any
> > controls".
> This is normal for many of these kind of devices; mixer controls often
> are implemented in hardware only.

There are level controls for the two mic preamps but that's it for input
controls on this box.

> However, if these settings must be done from the computer, they are
> implemented with unknown vendor-specific commands.  In that case, you
> would have to try to run the Windows control panel from within a virtual
> machine (while unloading the USB audio driver).

I haven't run windows in 7 or 8 years :P  I really hope I can get this working
under Linux without assistance from Windows.

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