Re: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (ice1712), can't adjust my high ADC volume which causes digital clipping on recording from analog source.

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Le Wed, 19 Oct 2011 18:12:49 +0200,
Martijn Schmidt <> a écrit :

> Hello ALSA,
> I'm using a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard, running on the ice1712
> driver. Everything works (I get output, and I can record) but for some
> reason I can't adjust my ADC volume, analog-to-digital converter.
> This is an issue because my analog source is loud enough to cause
> audible clipping in the recording during certain bass-heavy passages.
> To be clear: a full analog chain directly from turntable to
> amplifiers to speakers sounds great, but the recorded file played
> back on those same amplifiers and speakers (from turntable to phono
> stage to soundcard RCA inputs) does not.
> After Googling I found out I should be able to adjust ADC volume
> with, among others, alsamixer/envy24control/audacity. There's no
> sliders for it in alsamixer (F4 for capture does show DAC0 + DAC1 but
> these affect output volume) or envy24control (should have ADC0 and
> ADC1 on the Analog Volume tab) though, and in audacity the slider is
> greyed out.

This card have only one hardware mixer: playback PCM. For best use of
this card, an external analog mixer is recommended on the input.

Also, alsamixer is a hardware mixer that will show only the hardware
controls. In your case, the only mixer will be the PCM playback. I
guess than the envy24control is also a hardware mixer.

A workaround will be to use a software mixer like jack_mixer, but this
will be of no help if the clipping occur in the ADC.

Another workaround would be to make a custom input cable with an
attenuator in it.

> Puzzled, I upgraded (from 2.6.38) and reconfigured my new kernel
> (3.0.6) from scratch but still no improvement. I'm running Gentoo.
> Does anyone happen to know what's going on? I'd be happy to provide
> any other information you need.
> Sincerely and thanks for your time,
> Martijn Schmidt

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