Alsa buffer_size without dmix?

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Hello everypony,

I want to increase my default alsa buffer_size of 8192 to 32768 because 
I'm sometimes getting small skips in my audio. Now, usually people use 
dmix for this. I'm using the upmix plugin, however, to listen to stereo 
music on my 7.1 system.

Could any alsa wizards share the wisdom on how to increase the 
buffer_size without dmix or how to chain dmix into this?

My also asound.conf:

pcm.upmix71 {
     type upmix
     slave.pcm "surround71"
     channels 8
pcm.!default "plug:upmix71"

Now, I tried something along these lines:

pcm.upmix71 {
     type upmix
     slave.pcm "buffer"
     channels 8

pcm.buffer {
     type dmix
     slave {
         pcm "surround71"
         period_time 0
         buffer_time 0
         period_size 2028
         buffer_size 32768
pcm.!default "plug:upmix71"

but apparently I don't grok alsa configuration syntax. I don't even need 
dmix itself, I just want to increase the buffer size but apparently dmix 
is the only plugin capable of doing just that.

Help much appreciated.

-- Sven-Hendrik

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